Butcher Demon
Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

283 Chapters 98K Views 215 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Butcher Demon novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adult, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Mature genres. Written by the author Akadashi Nameko, 赤だし滑子. 283 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison.

A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”.

That’s me.

I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name.

I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say.

It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday.

I pour my burning rage into them.

Over and over again, until they conceive.

From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered.

To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal.

But my soul has not perished yet.

I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last.

Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant.

And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied.

The dawn of the beast is near.

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