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Chapter 210

[ZZZZ ZZZ ZZZ (Come here once everything is settled)]


Nel Germa respectfully greeted me and then took off.

Originally, she was destined to be devoured by Adhai right here, but the plan changed. Instead of sacrificing her, I chose the path of saving her.

With the plan changed, she set out on her next task—to gather the scattered kin.

Most of the surviving Gallagon are hatchlings, with only a few Green Gallagon left to protect them. She seemed to have judged that the safest place on this planet was near me and said she would bring her kin here.

‘I don’t intend to devour them right away.’

My original plan was to rescue Adhai after obtaining wings, not to wage an all-out war against the Black Gallagons.

Since coming to this planet, I’ve fought the Gallagon twice. Once against Ham Ort alone, and once when I killed ten Green Gallagon. Both times, the circumstances were favorable, and I won easily, but that was due to good luck.

What if Ham Ort had subordinates? Or if there had been two or three White Gallagon leading the ten Green Gallagon? It wouldn’t have been an easy fight at all.

‘Gallagon are strong individually, but they become even stronger in groups.’

Just like lions in Africa that form prides to hunt dangerous herbivores, Gallagon become very dangerous when they are properly organized. They are like the superior counterpart of the Glacier Fiend, which commands minions instead of fighting alone. A well-organized group of Gallagon is no different from a living squadron of combat aircraft.

‘Therefore, we must strike quickly before they can prepare.’

Once they realize that the group of Green Gallagon sent to pursue Ham Ort’s remnants has been wiped out, they’ll sense something is wrong. The black Gallagon, Odd Grad, is older than any Gallagon on this planet. He’ll know how to respond to a formidable opponent.

In other words, we need to shake them up before they can get into a defensive posture.

‘The fortunate thing is that Nel Germa had a lot of useful information.’

Like Ham Ort, she was once part of the black gallagon, Odd Grad’s, group. Therefore, she knew very well how many White Gallagon were in the group.

‘The total number of White Gallagon is nineteen.’

Originally, there were twenty-four, but four left the group with Ham Ort, reducing the number to nineteen. Among them, twelve are young individuals that have recently shed their skins. The gender ratio is half male and half female.

On the other hand, the remaining seven are mature individuals who have spent a long time shedding their skins. Although they’re not as old as the Black Gallagon, they are quite aged.

In the game, White Gallagon had equal abilities, but this is reality. Their strength varies based on how long they’ve lived and their combat experience.

‘You can definitely see the difference when looking at Ham Ort.’

And those seven are Odd Grad’s favored companions, receiving care from the black gallagon. Even Nel Germa emphasized how dangerous they are. It’s best to assume they are at least on Ham Ort’s level.

‘First, let’s plan to deal with weaker individuals.’

Adhai requires materials for growth, and any White Gallagon will do. At least, that’s what the Gallagon who knew his secret said.

‘The first one will be used as food, and the rest….’

It would be wise to absorb as many traits as possible by devouring them, and then recruit them as allies. At another time, I would have devoured them all, but now we need to increase our allies.

‘I’ve already heard about their hunting schedule.’

The seven always stay in the nest, serving Odd Grad. The twelve go out for hunting once every three to four days.

‘Nel Germa said there isn’t much time left until they go hunting again.’

They don’t know yet that the Green Gallagon pursuit team has been wiped out. Therefore, it’s likely they’ll send out a hunting party before learning of the pursuit team’s demise. However, the Gallagon’s sense of time is slightly different from humans, so we can’t rely solely on that information.

‘Surveillance and preparation. Both are necessary.’

We need to monitor the nest’s activities while also preparing for the fight before they come out.

That’s the task ahead of me, or rather, us, from now on.

Using the information Nel Germa provided, I called everyone to discuss the plan.

「It’s a solid plan. However, there’s one thing that needs changing.」

[ZZZZZ ZZZ ZZ ZZZ (What part concerns you?)]

「I think I should handle nest surveillance instead of PS-111. My vision is superior and I have more experience.」

[I disagree. My detection system covers a 360-degree range…]

I initially assigned PS-111 to nest surveillance due to two key advantages: psychic power detection and agility.

Among us, Number 26 is the top expert in psychic power, but it has the disadvantage of slow movement on the ground. If discovered by the Gallagon, it would struggle to escape. PS-111’s detection abilities aren’t as strong as Number 26’s, but its movements are extremely swift.

‘However, her argument also makes sense.’

Mother of the Sky has less psychic power detection ability but excellent vision. Although PS-111 doesn’t seem to agree, I think the difference between them is significant.

Moreover, she’s a former ranker like me, and she has experience hunting creatures like the Gallagon.

‘And this is reality.’

Unlike the rigid PS-111, she has flexible judgment. Even if something goes wrong, she can easily extricate herself from a crisis.

[ZZZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZ (Alright. I’ll leave that part to Mother of the Sky.)]

「Thank you.」

[ZZZZZ ZZZZ ZZZZ ZZ (Instead, PS-111 will move with Number 26.)]


「Trust me, friend!」

Number 26 and PS-111 will protect the group that Nel Germa is bringing. Although Nel Germa didn’t mention it, I find it hard to believe that the old black gallagon would send only one pursuit team.

‘There must be more Green Gallagon tracking us.’

Pairing Number 26 and PS-111 with Nel Germa should ensure they can handle any encounters with pursuit teams.

[ZZZZ ZZ ZZZ (Adhai, you will come with me.)]

Lastly, Adhai will accompany me.

There are two reasons for this: training her in combat and testing a new apex predator diet.

While the White Gallagon is crucial for growth, we don’t know the impact of other foods. Although it’s unlikely, it could significantly benefit her development.

‘Regardless, it won’t hurt.’

The apex predators are rich in energy, making it an excellent meal for Adhai, who has just evolved.

Moreover, taking her to hunt the apex predator will help her hone her abilities. To prepare for the upcoming battle, she needs to fully understand her powers. There’s nothing better than fighting strong opponents for adaptation.

[ZZZZ ZZ ZZZ ZZ (When Nel Germa arrives, lead them to the nest.)]

「Are you sure?」

[ZZZZZ ZZZ ZZ ZZZZ ZZ ZZZ ZZ ZZZ (If we leave the Blue Gallagon outside, they’ll freeze to death. They must be kept in the nest to survive.)]

I understand Mother of the Sky’s concerns, but we have no choice. Without their gallagon nest, the only way to keep them alive is in the warmth of the cruiser.

Just then, Nel Germa returned.

「Survivors?」 「Kin?」 「All of them?」


「Eggs? Where?」

「Odd Grad took them.」

Nel Germa brought three Green Gallagon and five Blue Gallagon. She said Odd Grad personally killed all the White Gallagon.

‘Not many.’

The other side has 19 White Gallagon, while we only have nine, even including Adhai, making us just ten in total. We are vastly outnumbered.

‘Tch. This much was expected.’

Although disappointing, it was anticipated.

However, Adhai was trembling, perhaps because she wasn’t as prepared. When she was captured by Ham Ort, she stayed in a nest with hatchlings. She must know better than anyone how many Blue Gallagon were killed.

Normally, I would comfort her, but this time is different.

‘Anger can be useful in a fight.’

It helps to push beyond self-imposed limits without even realizing it.

Of course, being consumed by anger can cloud one’s judgment, but in this case, it doesn’t matter. I will manage her emotions.

[ZZZ ZZZZ ZZZ ZZ ZZZZ ZZ (Ask them where they want to go.)]

「I’ll explain on the way. Follow me.」

「Agree.」 「Everyone.」 「Move.」

Everyone started moving as planned. In the end, only Adhai and I remained at the location.

「Adult」 「I,」 「shock,」 「young kin,」 「death,」 「don’t want.」

[ZZZ ZZZZ (I know.)]

「Young kin,」 「innocent,」 「Odd Grad,」 「bad.」

Honestly, I had also intended to consume all the Gallagon before things escalated like this, but I didn’t say that.

Instead, I brought up a different point.

[ZZZZ ZZ ZZZ (You must seek revenge.)]

「Agree.」 「Revenge.」 「Necessary.」

[ZZZZZ ZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZ ZZ ZZZZ ZZ (Odd Grad killed your mother and the younglings it abandoned you with.)]


As the waves from the monster’s tentacles resonated, flames erupted in Adhai’s eyes. Not metaphorically—purple flames literally flared up over her amethyst eyes. Her latent psychic power was manifesting outwardly.

[ZZZZZ ZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZ ZZ (Odd Grad must pay with death. So must its kin.)]

「Agree!」 「Odd Grad,」 「death,」 「necessary!」 「Necessary!」

Adhai nodded vigorously.

This way, I could extract the genetic essence from the Gallagon without damaging our relationship. It was a bit disappointing that we couldn’t eat the Blue Gallagon, but that’s a minor loss.

‘Regardless, Odd Grad must die.’

It’s not just because it will attack me or because I need its genetic essence.

It abandoned Adhai, the creature I cherish, leaving her with a scar that cannot be healed.

‘When all preparations are complete….’

Odd Grad will meet its end by my hand.


The Ice Plains, home to the Snake King.

Recently, due to a mysterious earthquake, the ground of the plains had become unstable. Ten green-scaled beings were flying over that area.

They were the tracking team sent by Odd Grad, searching for the remnants that served the pure white queen, Ham Ort.

The Gallagon troop meticulously scanned the ice plains, concluding that no enemies were present. Their next destination was a place far from their nest—an icy canyon beyond the plains. Although it was the territory of the Beast King, they paid no heed.

The Beast King was invincible on land but could not fly. Even if they encountered it, they could escape anytime.

Thus, the Gallagon troop entered the Beast King’s territory without any hindrance.

The ten winged gallagons flew through the deep canyon, created by nature, without a care. As they reached the middle of the canyon, the lead Gallagon noticed something. Sᴇaʀᴄh thᴇ n0vᴇl(ꜰ)ire.ɴet website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of nøvels early and in the highest quality.

In the deep, dark area where light barely penetrated, something glimmered.


「Traitor,」 「found?」


At the moment when the lead Gallagon was about to approach the light.

Dozens of red lights appeared from the cliff where the light was located.


In an uneasy atmosphere, the Gallagon hurriedly tried to emit its Psychic waves. However, its kin could not hear its Psychic waves.

Something unknown was blocking their communication.

Confused as its Psychic waves failed to reach, the red lights leaped from the cliff. Dozens of unidentified beings with multiple legs climbed onto its body.

It tried to shake them off desperately, but it was futile. They ruthlessly tore at its wings with sharp claws and teeth.

In just a few seconds, covered in blood, it plummeted into the unseen abyss below.

It hoped its kin would escape unharmed, but reality betrayed its expectations.

Its nine comrades also fell into the abyss just like itself.

From the cliff above, more red lights coldly looked down at them.

[Hostile organisms, 10 specimens subdued. Energy supply initiated.]

[Expected recovery of ‘PS-111’ up to 75% based on energy level. Resumption of activity anticipated.]

[Deploy recovery team, supply team….]

Even as they fell, the red lights continued to emit unintelligible sounds.

The Green Gallagon could never comprehend what those sounds meant.


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