Purple Days (ASOIAF)
Purple Days (ASOIAF)

Purple Days (ASOIAF)

119 Chapters 2.1K Views 21 Bookmarked Completed Status

Purple Days (ASOIAF) novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural genres. Written by the author baurus. 119 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


From one day to the other, Joffrey Baratheon wakes up a changed man.

Far from the spoiled boy-child known to the court of King’s Landing, the Joffrey that comes out of his room three days after the death of John Arryn walks with the stride of a veteran commander and leader of men.

A scholar, a sea-captain, a general, a lover.

This is the story of how he became that man, and how he came to know his purpose through a cycle of endless death and rebirth that saw him explore both his self and the known world from Braavos to Sothoryios and from Old Town to Yi-Ti… and beyond.

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