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Tenebroum novel is a popular light novel covering Horror, Fantasy, Psychological, Tragedy, Supernatural, Seinen, Action genres. Written by the author DWinchester. 146 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


How long will it take for a murdered thief to distill into something monstrous? In this story the... Read more
How long will it take for a murdered thief to distill into something monstrous? In this story the darkness only grows stronger, and its reach only grows wider as it expands by devouring the life that surrounds it. This is a dark fantasy where evil is a where, not just a who that focuses on slow progression, undeath, and atmospheric storytelling. Updates every Thursday. Collapse

Game Elements, Dungeons, Antihero Protagonist, Strategist, Grimdark, Low Fantasy, Magic, Mythology, Non-human Protagonist, Monsters, Dark, Evil Protagonist, Weak to Strong

- 53 chapters out as of writing this. In short, it's garbage. A lot of named characters of low (or none at all) importance to the story that add unnecessary fluff. Author really lingers on some of them too. Chapters are padded out quite a lot in general. The world is also quite unresponsive towards this "evil". Heck, an important wizard acts weird and later croaks with the whole hamlet following his footsteps yet it's the songs of some bard that stirs interest toward the place? C'mon... The "dark" atmosphere (the supposed focus of the work) - a complete miss too. People die and are greedy, now what? I guess the side characters were supposed to convey the "darkness", but most of the time they just conveyed stupidity.

A lot of named characters of low (or none at all) importance to the story that add unnecessary fluff. Author really lingers on some of them too.Finally, a fellow reviewer who understands the importance of not making named characters that have no value

Seems pretty interesting (⁠*⁠_⁠*⁠)Let me check it out for you guys

So ...

I read it for 24 chapters ... It was too dark ✨But it was boring ... The story is good but the problem is presentation ... Author lacks presentation in my opinion ... One thing I'll say : it's dark and average written but poorly presented So I didn't drop it ... I just delayed it ( maybe they are same lol ) I'll rate it 2.7/5 🌟

Ok Fellow reader

I didn't succeed in finding anything interesting in the 7 chapters I read, it was just darkness and death but in a very boring way.

This novel is solid, i think that the way it was aproched very realistic, this is like the best evil story, the writing is great and really imaginative, the mc is really really evil soo if you dont like go away. The aspect that i like is his transformation to a simple unconcious mist into a force of evil in the world, i hope there are more chapters, this novel is dark but if you dont care go for the taking! Also the mc has no feelings only do stuff for his own achieviments born of reveange and will to make what we wants eventually becoming a lich and metodically realisticly using what he got to avenge those who are traitors and do not follow his rules in a plan for domination, calculating his surroundings to not be discovered and do whats beneficial for him, greedy and powerhungry but calculating. Best novel of evil lich spirit stuff i ever seen 10/10.

I just finished the RR so I'm going to do a quick review. For those who want to wait more chapters I don't recommend (Slow updates), this novel has a lot of words so if converting to a Chinese junk food novel I would say it would be at 250 chapters. About the MC and the story: The MC dies and becomes a "ghost" with an obsession, which in the case of the MC is gold and death, don't expect much character development, besides learning from your mistakes and becoming smarter, the MC is a one-dimensional character who can only be described as greedy and that's it, he's driven by lust for gold and death. For those who like gore and villains this story is for you, the MC is pure evil, he doesn't even consider doing good deeds even if it's beneficial to him, things like rewarding subordinates doesn't even cross his mind. The world is that standard medieval one, with wizards, gods and churches, and we're following the MC's journey from a mindless ghost to godhood (I think) while trying not to be discovered by the gods and wizards. (Google Translate)

Updates once a week? Nah, you got me f#cked up.

I won't rate this one because I trust my Taoist brothers from ranobes

Damn this has a high rating huh might try it out though I have not really tried horror novels

Read all available chapters on rr. It's a villainous spirit mc. Pretty fantastic work


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