The Last Adventurer
Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Junior Balrog (1)


People say,

“The more shocking a rumor, the faster it spreads.”

In that sense, Prince Kashan’s declaration to conquer the 99-man party dungeon was nothing short of shocking.

One day!

In just one day, there was no one in the Nihal Desert who hadn’t heard the tale of Prince Kashan and his 99 companions.

Of course, this was Prince Kashan’s intention.

“Wait, why is it spreading so fast?”

Prince Kashan had strategically placed individuals throughout the Nihal Desert to spread the rumor, and they had acted at the opportune moment.

“Is someone deliberately spreading this?”

If not, the news wouldn’t have spread this quickly.

“Does it matter?”

“Right, what matters is whether it’s true!”

But such things didn’t matter.

Everyone was interested in only one thing.

“So, can he do it?”

Could Prince Kashan succeed in this challenge?

One thing was certain.

“If he succeeds, it’s as good as becoming the crown prince! Who would attempt a 99-man party?”

“Certainly, neither the Signus Knights, the Resistance, nor the Nautilus would dare dream of it!”

Conquering the dungeon with fewer people was impossible.

Of course, opinions were divided on whether he would succeed.

Most believed failure was more likely.

“Prince Kashan is remarkable.”

No one underestimated Prince Kashan.

“He must have secured numerous unique items.”

In fact, the public considered Prince Kashan one of the princes closest to becoming the crown prince.

“But what can’t be done, can’t be done.”

The situation was simply too reckless.

“Strength is strength, but having more people means being able to respond to various situations. Prince Kashan has given up that diversity.”

If it were just about defeating ordinary monsters, there would be no problem.

“If he faces a boss monster with a bad matchup, he’ll have nightmares. And that will be his last dream.”

But boss monsters were different.

“The world thinks I’ll fail. And it’s natural to think so.”

Prince Kashan thought the same.

Even so, the reason Prince Kashan entered with 99 people was, obviously, not to die.

He was confident.

“As long as they don’t know I have it.”

To be precise, he had it.

“The Staff of Asclepius.”

The Staff of Asclepius.

A legendary-rank item that increased the effectiveness of all the wielder’s healing skills by 250 percent.

It was an item worthy of confidence.

A 250 percent increase in healing effectiveness meant that as long as one’s head wasn’t cut off or their heart destroyed, they could be saved in most situations.

This meant party members could engage in battles that were nearly immortal.

And there was one more reason why Kashan was confident.

“The Heracles’ Bracelet.”

The Heracles’ Bracelet, which increased a warrior’s strength by 200 percent!

“I gave it to Warrior Alsar and Bishop Mohad.”

Kashan had given such a tremendous item to two of the highest-level 4th Circle adventurers he had.

Of course, their loyalty to him was, he could guarantee, the best in Maple World.

“And then there’s El Pam.”

The appearance of El Pam in the midst of all this was truly the icing on the cake for Prince Kashan.

In truth, Prince Kashan knew.

He knew that while the people he had were skilled, conquering the Mystic Gates wasn’t just about skill.

He knew that adventurers with experience and the ability to handle various situations were crucial.

And El Pam was the most suitable person for that.

The one who had survived every Mystic Gate!

“I was confident until you appeared.”

There was no more definitive proof than that.

“And the moment you appeared, I was certain.”

That was why Prince Kashan willingly led 99 people here.

“That the gods have given me the destiny to become king for the well-being of the Ariant Kingdom.”

In any case, Prince Kashan’s expectations for El Pam were not small.

The problem was that this was purely from Prince Kashan’s perspective.

“The prince says that, but…”

Kashan’s subordinates were different.

“Their eyes look a bit different, don’t they? Don’t you think so, boss?”

First of all, their gazes towards El Pam’s party weren’t very friendly.

It was the look one would give an unwelcome guest, a very unwelcome guest.

It wasn’t strange.

“In their eyes, we’re the new kids on the block.”

Except for El Pam’s party, everyone else had been loyal to Prince Kashan for years or even decades.

They were also from the Ariant Kingdom and had exceptional pride in that.

But then a group of adventurers from Victoria Island, a place overflowing with weaklings, joined them?

“We replaced them.”

Moreover, with the arrival of El Pam’s party, five people who were originally supposed to join were excluded.

Prince Kashan had to make it 99.

Decisively, they thought,

“We’re the less capable ones.”

That they were enough on their own.

In many ways, this was a point where dissatisfaction with El Pam could only grow.

And they didn’t hide their dissatisfaction.

The moment Prince Kashan, having finished his conversation, disappeared, his right and left-hand men, Warrior Alsar and Bishop Mohad, sought out El Pam and said,

“Don’t even think about fighting.”

“Yeah, we don’t have the luxury of healing you.”

Just follow quietly.

They didn’t just talk.

They gave a direct demonstration of their power.

Warrior Alsar and Bishop Mohad, the two of them, showed what they could do against a swarm of Cactus monsters.

“Flash Slash!”

Alsar, demonstrating monstrous strength thanks to the Heracles’ Bracelet, swept through the battlefield.


Mohad healed Alsar, who had sustained considerable injuries in the process, with just a single healing spell.

The two of them defeated over three hundred Cactus monsters.

They displayed overwhelming combat power.

In the face of this battle, Prince Kashan once again sought out El Pam and said,

“Prove your ability yourself.”

He had no intention of stepping up or doing anything for El Pam’s party.

And if they couldn’t prove their ability, he had no intention of caring about what happened next.

“So, how long do you think it will take to find the way to the second floor?”

To Prince Kashan’s question, El Pam replied,

“I’ll find it within three days.”

Alsar and Mohad scoffed at his answer.

“You’re talking nonsense.”

The first floor they were currently on was a desert!

Desert terrain was like hell for guides. It was a stage where it was more difficult to find the exit to the second floor than anywhere else.

Therefore, it usually took at least a week, or even more than half a month, to find an exit in such a desert.

But three days?

“Your Highness, this man is mocking you.”

Alsar and Mohad didn’t miss the opportunity.

“That’s absurd.”

As if they had been waiting, the two of them latched onto El Pam’s statement.

They wanted to use this opportunity to completely crush El Pam’s party, to completely suppress their spirit.

Of course, El Pam had no intention of engaging in a pointless power struggle here.

“If I can’t find it within three days…”

So, El Pam said briefly,

“I’ll take my own life.”

And three days later, El Pam showed them.


“This is the exit.”

Three days.

The first to react to El Pam’s ability to find the exit within the promised time was Prince Kashan.


He was genuinely impressed.

And at the same time, satisfied.

“With such an excellent guide, there will be no problem reaching the third floor.”

Naturally, with Kashan’s acknowledgment, Alsar and Mohad had no choice but to acknowledge the ability of El Pam’s party.

They could no longer treat El Pam as a newcomer.

That didn’t mean Alsar and Mohad immediately treated El Pam’s party kindly or anything.

Their expressions were hardened.

It couldn’t be helped.

“El Pam, what are you going to do about him? If this continues, it might interfere with the mission.”

They had a mission.

“The final mission to kill Prince Kashan and end everything.”

Will, the Black Mage’s commander!

The mission they received from him.

Furthermore, it was the final mission given to them.

If Prince Kashan died, there would be no need for them to remain as his closest aides.

That’s how important the mission was.

“Mohad, what’s your opinion?”

In the midst of all this, the appearance of El Pam was inevitably awkward.

“One thing is certain. El Pam’s party’s ability to find exits is beyond what we thought.”

In particular, El Pam’s party’s abilities were clearly exceptional.

And troublesome.

“In the worst-case scenario, they could escape with Prince Kashan.”

Being good at finding exits meant they could escape this place even in the worst situation. S~ᴇaʀᴄh the N0vᴇlFire(.)nᴇt website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of nøvels early and in the highest quality.

From the perspective of Alsar and Mohad, who had to somehow turn this place into Prince Kashan’s tomb, it was a cause for concern in many ways.

However, eliminating them right away was not a good option.

“Not right now.”

Prince Kashan wouldn’t stand for it right now.

On the other hand, there was also this thought.

“And that ability is helpful to us too. We can easily reach the third floor if we use him.”

In truth, this place wasn’t an easy stage for them either.

Although the ordinary monsters weren’t difficult, it was inevitable that there would be casualties if they continued like this.

It was also natural that the more casualties there were, the lower their chances of survival would be.

In many ways, they wanted to preserve their strength as much as possible.

“So, the moment we find the gate to the third floor…”

The answer was simple if it came to this.

“We’ll take care of it then.”

Use him as much as possible, then eliminate him.

Having made this decision, Alsar and Mohad entered the second floor, and they saw it.

A vast forest.

And the moment they saw the forest, El Pam said,

“One week. I’ll find the exit within a week.”

Now, no one doubted his words.

Alsar and Mohad were no exception.

He had found the exit in the desert in three days, and the forest was a much easier environment.

“Second day.”

They believed El Pam would find the gate to the third floor within a week, so they prepared.

“Five days left.”

For the day El Pam had spoken of.

“We’ll complete the final mission on that day.”

With such thorough preparation, days passed, and as time went on, the resolve of Alsar, Mohad, and those who followed them grew stronger.

By the sixth day since entering the second floor, their resolve and preparation were complete.

‘We can do it.’

‘We’ve considered all situations.’

They were confident in their ability to perfectly carry out their mission at any moment, in any situation.

‘There’s no way for Prince Kashan to survive in any case.’

In such a state, they finally faced the seventh day.


On that seventh day, as promised, El Pam’s party found the gate to the third floor.


The time had come.

‘Today, we kill Prince Kashan.’

Finally, the moment to carry out the final mission they had been waiting for, for a long time.

The moment to move.

And at that moment, they moved.

“To everyone.”

Standing next to Prince Kashan in front of the third-floor gate, El Pam spoke to everyone.

“Follow my words from now on.”

With those words, El Pam drew his dagger and held it to Prince Kashan’s throat.

“If you want to save Prince Kashan…”

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