The Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound
Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound Chapter 457

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Chapter 457: Infiltration of the Water Supply Area (4)

Viscount Giuseppe Baldini of the Reviadon Clan was a Majin (Human turned into a demon) holding an important position in the operation to annihilate Tochka.

He was stationed at the rear, relatively far from the frontline that surrounded Tochka, guarding the back of the fortress.

The front encirclement of Tochka Fortress was so tight that not even a needle could get through.

But the rear was relatively less guarded. sᴇaʀᴄh thᴇ ɴøvᴇlFɪre.ɴet website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of nøvels early and in the highest quality.

However, even though it was relatively lax, it was only so in comparison. Viscount Baldini had numerous demons guard the posts and he himself was always on alert in the central command barracks.

[…Well, in any case, this is fortunate. There’s no way the enemy would come all the way to the rear.]

Before becoming a demon, Viscount Baldini had a personality that pursued stability and safety.

Even after gaining great power as a demon, his personality hadn’t changed much.

[Being stationed here, if enemies appear elsewhere, I can quickly send reinforcements. I can relax most of the time and respond swiftly only during emergencies.]

So, Viscount Baldini was enjoying some leisure, savoring tea and biscuits.

Just then.


The sound of a post door opening was heard.

At the same time, there were sounds of some lower demons in panic.

[Hey, you can’t just go in there……]

[No, no, you can’t……]

[Oh dear……]

Viscount Baldini looked up, wondering what was happening.

He saw a woman standing there.

Her red hair flowed like a waterfall, and her intensely glowing red eyes were as if soaked in blood.

Moreover, her demonic energy was leaking like a volcano.

He quickly checked today’s schedule but there was no appointment with a high-ranking demon.

There was also no visit scheduled from the higher-ups.

Viscount Baldini was tense.

[……Who are you?]

In response to Viscount Baldini’s question, the red-haired woman revealed her identity and affiliation.

[I am Trzeersie, the Left Wing Commander of the Tochka Annihilation Corps. I need a pass to go through this post to the rear.]

Viscount Baldini tilted his head, trying to recall if there was a high-ranking demon named Trzeersie in the main force.

But to his knowledge, there was no female demon of that name and rank in the Reviadon Clan.

‘Well, I don’t know all the people from the main house. She might be someone from the Usher or Donquixote Clan.’

Recently, the Reviadon Clan had absorbed the forces of the Usher and Donquixote Clans, rapidly increasing their power.

Because of this, the command system was not yet perfectly organized.

So, Viscount Baldini decided to continue the conversation in a soft tone rather than being suspicious right away.

[My apologies…… My memory is terrible, so I can’t recall who you are. May I know the reason you need to pass through here?]

[Do I have to explain everything to a nobody like you? This is top secret as per the main force. Just give me the pass.]

The red-haired woman, who introduced herself as Trzeersie, snorted and commanded arrogantly.

Viscount Baldini held back his irritation.

‘Judging by her arrogance, she is undoubtedly a demon of the Reviadon Clan. No need to confirm.’

But Viscount Baldini was no pushover either.

[Sorry, but given the wartime situation, I must follow the military protocol. Could you show me your ID?]

At those words, Trzeersie’s brows furrowed deeply.

The demonic energy she had been subtly emitting now began to surge openly.

[……Fine. You’re disobeying orders, is that it?]

[No, I just want to follow the procedures. Although I am from a branch Clan, I have visited the main house a few times. You seem like someone I haven’t met before……]

[Hmph! Of course, I am an illegitimate child, you fool.]

At the mention of illegitimacy, Viscount Baldini realized he had said too much and closed his mouth.

If she was an illegitimate child from the main Clan, she would hardly ever see anyone from a collateral branch.

After all, illegitimate children are a Clan disgrace.

‘I shouldn’t have mentioned the main and collateral branches. I’ve triggered his illegitimacy complex, and now things are going to get complicated.’

As Viscount Baldini inwardly realized the situation was spiraling out of control, Trzeersie spoke.

[Fine. Okay. I don’t need a pass. I’ll return to the main camp and bring back my identification. As you said, that is military law.]

[…What? Ah, ah. Thank you very much. I appreciate your understanding.]

Viscount Baldini’s eyes widened in surprise at how easily the issue seemed to be resolved.

It was almost suspicious how easily the other party backed down.

…However, Baldini had to be shocked by Trzeersie’s following words.

[Since you seem to like military law so much, I’ll follow it. I’ll ‘insist’ that you return to the main camp to fetch my ID. Such a critical mission will be significantly delayed due to your inflexible attitude, and you will pay for that.]


[Oh wait, I have a better idea, let’s check the condition of the sword and shield at your waist. Show them to me right now. And why is the button on your uniform unfastened? Why are the laces of your boots tied like that? Before you return to the main camp, I will thoroughly inspect how well you follow military law. And I’ll report to the higher-ups immediately upon my return.]

Trzeersie’s eyes burned with a hellish intensity.

It was as if she couldn’t tolerate even the tiniest, most insignificant flaw.

She shouted at Viscount Baldini, who was trembling before her.

[Attention! How dare you remain seated when a superior is speaking! You insolent brat!]

[I’m, I’m sorry!]

Viscount Baldini quickly stood up and saluted.

Trzeersie gritted her teeth and circled around him.

By strict military law, everything in this space was a violation.

The sword had minor stains, and the shield was slightly rusty.

The barracks were dusty, and the soldiers’ uniforms had loose buttons or laces.

[I intended to be flexible, but your attitude made that impossible.]


[Improper attire, poor maintenance, unsanitary barracks, lax military discipline among the soldiers… And you were having tea and biscuits on the battlefield? It looks like non-supply snacks too. Is this even an appropriate time to eat?]


[You don’t follow any of the military laws you claim to love. And yet you…?]


[People like you, who are strict with others but lenient with themselves, always cause big problems eventually.]

Suddenly, Trzeersie reached out and grabbed Viscount Baldini’s hair, pulling it back.


Then she spoke in a chilling voice.

[That’s it. I’ll send you to the front lines at dawn. As soon as I return to the main camp, I’ll make the recommendation…]

At that moment, Viscount Baldini cried out in a voice close to tears.

[I, I’ll issue the pass! I have committed a grave sin!]

But Trzeersie shook her head.

[No need. I’ll return to the main camp. Your unit will be assigned to the front-line death squad at dawn.]

[The, the front line!? The death squad!?]

The unit with the most casualties in today’s siege with Major Orca and Marquis Sade was the death squad.

Viscount Baldini’s face turned as pale as a corpse.

Always one to prioritize safety and self-preservation, Viscount Baldini fell to his knees and began to plead.

[I, I was thoughtless! I’ll issue the pass and arrange for your smooth passage through the rear! Please, just don’t assign me to the death squad!]

The atmosphere in the barracks completely changed.

Only then did Trzeersie nod, though irritably.

[I’ve memorized your face, name, and military number. If I ever have to return to the main camp…]

[I will make sure you have a smooth journey without any issues!]

[…Hmph. I’ll believe you.]

With that, Trzeersie snorted and took the pass.

She then quickly turned and left the barracks.

Viscount Baldini, now left behind, wiped his cold sweat and sighed in relief.

A subordinate demon nearby asked with a worried expression.

[Viscount, is it alright to issue a pass without an ID?]

[Hey, did you not see the demonic energy she was emitting?]

Viscount Baldini shook his head vigorously as if he had enough of it.

[And from her actions, she’s a demon through and through. A demon to her very bones.]

* * *

[See? I told you this would work.]

Trzeersie. She quickly turned into her original form.

Camus. She had been pretending to be a demon by borrowing an ancestor’s name from long ago.

“Even her name exudes dark energy. And I’m pretty good at emitting demonic energy myself. Although it’s just a façade.”

Camus turned her head as she finished speaking.

On her shoulder, Sere, who had been squeezing out the façade of dark energy, was shedding tears.


“Well done.”

Vikir patted Camus on the shoulder as he spoke.

Thanks to Camus’s quick thinking, they easily passed through the first gate to the water source area.

Having obtained the pass from Viscount Baldini, the subsequent gates were almost like a free pass.

After passing through several more checkpoints,


A breeze from the front touched everyone’s noses.

The wind carried a warm and foul smell.

When Vikir looked up, he saw red death aura writhing beyond the horizon.

“…The plague zone. It seems to be swarming with poison humans.”

“I’ll cover from here.”

Dolores distributed drops of the Saintess’ Tears, which she created with her remaining holy power, to everyone.

Except for Vikir and Camus, who were immune to most poisons, everyone received Dolores’ blessing to withstand the Red Death.

Soon, the group of eight crossed a gentle ridge and headed towards the next gate.

Red Death’s aura spread over the ground, littered with the corpses of poison humans.

Beyond the red aura, the second line of defense of Reviadon’s forces appeared.

Seeing the shadows of the barracks and palisades, Vikir began calculating the distance.

In the poison human’s territory, tactics like identity disguise would no longer work.

[We infiltrate within 15 minutes.]

From now on, it was time for a forced breakthrough.

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[Proofreader – Lucky]

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