Walker Of The Worlds
Walker Of The Worlds

Walker Of The Worlds

2257 Chapters 411.7K Views 299 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Walker Of The Worlds novel is a popular light novel covering Xianxia, Fantasy, Comedy, Action genres. Written by the author Grand_void_daoist. 2257 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Lin Mu was a common boy living in a small town, ostracized by the townsmen because of a mistake he made during the harvest, his house seized to compensate for it. Forced to fend for himself in the outskirts, he finds a rusty ring embedded in the tree where he always used to play as a child.

Witness his story as the mysterious rusty ring changes his destiny forever, opening him up to a world he would never have experienced, people he would have never met, and powers he would have never had.

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